Why you should use Digital Leaders in school….

Digital Leaders (pupils trained up in digital issues and given responsibilities) are a huge asset for schools.. Here's why you should start September with this excellent edtech project!
  • Aspire – children trained up and working with special responsibilties is a privilege and one which all children can be encouraged to work towards.
  • Connections – a project like this will automatically give the pupils and school reason to connect with the outside world – the world of work, visiting other schools, inviting guests into school.
  • Pupil Leadership pupils can demonstrate their leadership skills, organisational skills, initiative by genuinely leading the project. You can organise this in many different ways; older digital leaders organise rotas, a vote for a digital leader chair etc.
  • Demonstrate whole school impact – the fact is that leading a group of digital leaders can be a great way to demonstrate whole school impact from a project, this being something that teachers are often asked to so..
  • It's actually useful... You will find very quickly that once you have done some basic training with your Digital Leaders they will become a useful part of school life.
  • It's pretty easy to organise… A small slot each week, plus rotas to get children 'on duty'. They don't need too much time, and you can vary it wit the type of project you want to do!
  • It's a community! The site Digital Leader Network showcases plenty of ideas people are always very happy to offer advice. There is a weekly twitter chat as well, and if you search for the hashtag DLChat you will find plenty of people ready to help.

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