Five fab free ed tech tools!!

wpid-Photo-20140424225253.jpgWhilst I recognise that we shouldn’t always expect tools and services completely free of charge, there are many great tools that can be used in the primary school free of charge!


  1. Skype – check out the Skype in the Classroom site here. Great for inspiring ideas, connecting with all kinds of experts. I have a couple posts on this site describing my Skype Adventures!
  2. Padlet – a great tool for collaboration and sharing ideas. The ‘walls’ can be embedded into a blog, and then be accessed from home. Also great for use in staff meetings to collate ideas.
  3. Haiku Deck – a really great free presentation tool that is also an app. Super easy to use, and with a very different feel to PowerPoints – the images are great, and because it can be logged on over different devices can also be used for collaboration and critique.
  4. Scratch – the darling of the Primary Coders at the moment, I have written about a couple of projects here, and there is lots of advice at the fantastic website.
  5. Twitter! I can’t stress enough what great CPD can be found on twitter – and for beginners there is a great guide here from the Bring a Teacher to Twitter group and a great guide for beginners here.

I really could go on… But thought 5 for teachers to investigate would be a good start! Would love to hear of your favourite free tools.

Thanks for reading!


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