The New Curriculum – Nearly there…

So.. this is kind of Part 3 for the New Curriculum for me.. we are at the stage where we have now used it, planned for it, and now buying resources and getting excited about the teaching of it.
Yes, you heard me, we are now getting excited about it.

I’m in the lucky position of, over the last few years, having worked in several different schools, all of which take a very different approach to the development of the curriculum. To my, rather crude, eye I see three key types of curriculum approaches:

  1. The school that is still doing units from the old QCA documents (yes, they do exist…)
  2. The school who buys in their curriculum – whether it is a maths, literacy and then something comprehensive like the International Primary Curriculum, or just parts of those. This is the school that, somewhere, will have cupboards full of folders.. LCP PE anyone?
  3. The school that develops it’s own curriculum, perhaps with some help from elements of Chris Quigley design... or another bespoke support

For all of these schools, or those that best-fit, we have unique challenges. Time, cost and competence being the most obvious. The schools will have a mixture of these to deal with. For example, the school that hasn’t moved on since QCA units is not in a worse position to any other, but may have to put more time into developing the resources they need. The school who buys into the curriculum may  be in a unique position of waiting for updates, and then paying to send staff on training.   For the most part however we find ourselves at the same point now – we need to get a move on. The final ‘curriculum planning’ meeting then went like this.

  • We discussed the key changes (Haiku Deck underneath)
  • We looked at our topics (we had already discussed what we want to keep and the drivers we had)
  • Then we went away and we planned.
  • The curriculum coordinators studied the units discussed, ensured we had even coverage and we were not repeating ourselves.
  • Finally we got together as a staff team and discussed our topic outlines, added to them, shared them and improved them.

New Curriculum – Created with Haiku Deck, presentation software that inspires

Next steps: progression for assessment and linking the units to books for literacy


I would love to hear how you are getting on – I am also collating a list of schools who have published on their website their new units and topic outlines. Please comment if your school is willing to share! Thanks!


Resources: Again and again I recommend Michael Tidd!

Another school’s story here from @BelmontTeach

The Primary History Association here.. 

The Primary Geography Association 

Brilliant Science resources here from the STEM centre…

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