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  This Tweet:  I feel like the only teacher out there who can't stand cluttered classroom walls. BLANK SPACE IS OKAY GUYS. ??? #clearwalls #clearmind — Isobel M (@MissIsobeleh) July 28, 2017 This reminded me of an ongoing conversation that I have with teachers. Not just about tidying classrooms (don’tContinue Reading

  In all the fuss and fizz it’s easy to forget that some digital technology tools are actually both time saving and incredibly useful – this is the tools I’ve turned to this year..     Google Drive – this has been a perfect introduction to cloud computing for theContinue Reading

Recent posts about development plans (like this one) has made me think about mine. As part of ours, a digital strategy is key. Some thoughts on long term digital strategy: It’s impossible to plan too far in advance, a 3 yr development is not really a long time, but latelyContinue Reading

Those edtech mistakes you need to try to stamp out… 1. It worked for one, so lets buy thirty… I've seen this over and over again. One teacher, usually keen and a bit tech savvy, found something that worked very well. Perhaps a new tablet, a specfic laptop or theContinue Reading

An inset plan for Primary Schools…. Coding has now been in Primary Schools for a term. This post looks at how you could spend an hour or so reviewing teacher resources and ideas which for teachers to check their knowledge. Key Resources: The Computing At School Progression Chart can beContinue Reading

Our Digital Strategy is outlined here. Such a vital part of school life nowadays! I've been thinking of a way we could make use of the old machines which are spread around the school. Considerations… Teachers need to go online, often quickly We are moving much shared work over toContinue Reading