Looking into the future… 3 trends for edtech!

3 things to watch for Education Technology….

In an ever-changing technological world schools can often seem to be behind the curve, however pockets of innovation mean we can begin to see what the future of a connected classroom may look like… Here’s what i think we will see lots more of in the future!


Augmented Reality!

Augmented reality has been around for some time, though it’s only recently becoming educational news. It’s not all about Google Glass though. Plenty of apps make use of codes and pictures to bring models to life, or to overlay information on to ‘real life’. One of my favourites for art and writing is Colar Mix, I also really enjoyed using NASA’s Spacecraft 3D which can bring real models of the various crafts and rovers onto the school desk. Google’s Night Sky is another way augmented reality can be used in the classroom!


It’s a trend worth watching as more and more handheld devices turn up in classrooms…




The new computing curriculum coupled with cheaper technology means that we are seeing an ever increasing choice of ‘programmable robots’ in the classroom.. Lego have always had a great range, and they’ve increased that recently with the brilliant Weedo’s. BeeBots seem to have been around for ever, but even they are becoming more sophisticated. And we’re only scratching the surface of what’s becoming available – take a look at the intorobotics.com site to see what could be heading our way..

Coupled with cheap and cheerful mini-computers robotics could be the way forward…


I know, I talk about Skype lots… But that is because I haven’t found a more simple, yet truly innovative addition to the classroom. The fact remains that there really is no easier way to bring a world of experts, experiences and ideas to your pupils. Perhaps not Skype, but video calling – facetime or whatever the service will be, it means our schools will be connected. Professional development can be shared and teachers can hold staff training with experts from across the globe. Business has taken this on, and it’s a matter of time before schools do too…



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