How independent are your Digital Leaders?

Digital Leader Chat!

How to make your Digital Leaders independent… And what results can you expect?!

This post is part of the slow chat that takes place over a week on twitter. You can find out more by searching the #dlchat and asking any of the lovely people chatting with that hashtag!

This week (22-26 Feb 2016) I am exploring how independent your digital leaders are, and whether you are happy with this or would like them to develop their independence more.

This topic has many sides to it – obviously age and experience of your digital leaders will have some bearing on this – but also the expectations on them. I’m not even sure if there will be a primary and secondary divide on this because of time restraints.
I think this topic will give us a chance to explore the practicalities of digital leaders in different settings.


The questions – roughly divided over a day and a half each:
Sunday afternoon…
Q1 – just how much time do your Digital Leaders spend being digital leaders? What are they expected to do in this time?
Tuesday Morning
Q2 – Is there a hierarchy in your Digital Leaders? Are they expected to organise themselves at all?
Wed afternoon
Q3 – How independent do you expect your Digital Leaders to be? What are they allowed to do?
Finish on Friday… Q4 One tip for encouraging independent Digital Leaders?

Look forward to chatting with you!

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