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Explain Everything is the App that still amazes teachers. It’s the app that shows why the tablet computers are so popular in the classroom, and just how much can be done.

It’s an app that will has many uses, if you only have the one iPad or a full class set!

Explain Everything 2.0 from MorrisCooke on Vimeo.

As a quick explanation Explain Everything let’s you do just that – Explain Everything. It has an interactive whiteboard feel to it, which records all sound and movement that takes place within the app. It can also move on in scenes, meaning that you can record different stages of the learning.

It’s full integration with other apps on the iPad, and export functionality mean that it will quickly become an important part of the classroom!! I regularly upload the video to you tube so it can be shared, used again or embedded into the website!

Share work and model editing using Explain Everything.
Share work and model editing using Explain Everything.


Language and Literacy – In guided reading lessons, or lessons where you are pulling text apart, ask the children to explain an image, or a character, it can be done very quickly. Simply ask them to take a photo of the image, or the illustration and speak over it. Text can be added, but it is not the main feature if the app, and if you like the children could draft out their thoughts first (or group write).

In Maths, problem solving takes on a different feel when the children can write, explain and annotate how they are solving problems. Take a photograph of the problem and simply explain how they solved it. The great thing about this is that you can use these short videos for plenaries and to promote discussion amongst the children. The language and collaboration becomes a real focus for the lesson.

Geography – compare and contrast two localities by finding them on google earth and taking a snapshot of the pictures, then build up the explanations. Use atlases and maps to highlight other key information. Incidentally this works really well with local geography, use google earth to zoom in on landmarks, or the school and children can draw over their route to school. Capturing the language as the children do this at the same time.

Science – Record the experiments and their thoughts – Explain Everything lets them take short bursts of video, photos, annotate their experiments and record their evaluations. The finished product can be polished up and shared, or used by the pupils to support them writing up their findings.



I really cannot recommend this app enough, even recording simple letter formations for handwriting practice, or creating short phonic recordings that children can then use with other adults.




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