eSafety in the Classroom: 5 things you should try!

Starting the new term with a new class is always exciting! Get them off to a good start with the tech in your classroom with a few simple activities designed to have them think about what they use tech for,  why we use it and how we can stay safe! These activities are very easy to set up and might inspire you as well!

1. Fake News

Is everything they read on the internet real? Look at this Dihydrogen Monoxide site – it’s only water, but when will they figure that out? Read about saving the tree octopus here.. Take a look at Victorian Robots here.

Think about when they notice things are not quite right – how can they check the knowledge they are reading? The older children could create their own website with fake news – or write an article that stretches their imagination!

2. Audit their e-Safety

How safe are they online? Ask them to take part in challenges on Think U Know and find out!

These challenges can then from part of their own learning. What suprised them? Is there anything they think they need to improve on? I always find that passwords can be tricky  –  and that they often don’t realise just how much information they are sharing online.

3. Digital Literacy – What Do They Use Computers For?

Recognising that computers and technology are a big part of their lives will help them be more aware of their own digital footprint. Where can computers be found in their homes? What are they used for? Why do they use certain apps?

4. Create their Digital Footprint

Thinking specifically about the apps they use, the information they share, what they take in. Are they mindlessly viewing? Creating? What purpose do these apps and these programmes use? I like to do this, and then actually create a footprint covered in these apps! Makes a great display.

5. Create Collaborations across Schools

Asking children to join in and create with others is a great way to model safe and creative use of technology. Sharing ideas, being respectful and encouraginng creativity through blogs and video chats will help children learn the value of technology. Join in a #mysteryskype – set up a skype date with an unknown country! Setting up collaborative blogs with other schools or using competitions and nationally set up blogs.

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