Choosing and Using Skills.. a progression in school?

select, use and combine a variety of software (including internet services) on a range of
digital devices to design and create a range of programs, systems and content that
accomplish given goals, including collecting, analysing, evaluating and presenting data
and information

This is from the Key Stage 2 computing curriculum – I think it’s worth considering how we well we do this.

Some key questions to ask…

  • What variety of software do we offer?
  • How often are the pupils allowed to choose?
  • What devices do they have available?
  • Do they then present their data and get the chance to reflect on the work?
  • How often do you, as class teacher, model using new tools?

These questions draw us to other considerations… our learning environment, for example. Are we able to offer the pupils the chance to choose what tool they want to? What availability of classroom computers and mobile devices do they have?

Of course if we don’t have that much access in the classroom then making use of the ICT suite time is crucial – how often do we tell the pupils which programme to use, and how to present their findings? Ideally by the latter end of KS2 we should be able to give them the task, audience and then prepare to be wowed by their creativity as they tailor their findings. There is lots of free software out there that can be used for these purposes (See 5 Free Ed tech tools here) – and giving staff time to play with these, and any others you have, should be a big part of CPD.

However, I am wondering if we need some sort of progression document for the tools that we do have in schools – much like a calculation methods document. Should we be stipulating at what age they are moved on from 2Simple and on to Haiku Deck? Or when they should stop using iMovie and take a look at Movie Maker? I would be interested to know if any schools do this sort of thing? I’m envisaging a grid type document… age group down one side, and skills across the top! (Maybe i’ll have a go myself!!)

Incidentally – I’ve been looking for blogs which showcase free tech tools for teachers – so if you know one please comment with it! (Or tweet)



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