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Questions! A huge part of our day – much has been written about how, why, when and who… Questioning crops up as pupil targets for improvement, on school development plans and in teacher lesson observations. A recent focus for us was whether or not our increased use of technology actuallyContinue Reading

  I have regularly used comic books in class, and have been known to buy in bulk from charity shops / ebay – then spend hours trawling them to find suitable and good-condition ones! Happily, it seems tablet computers have made that a thing of the past! The crisp andContinue Reading

#BlappSnapp is a great idea by Julian Wood (@ideasfactory) as a way of sharing great apps,either Android or ioS, for education. As you know, I rarely push specific apps – but I do get asked for recommendations regularly and have some here. For my #BlappSnapp I thought I’d examine theContinue Reading

This is mentioned to me more than I'd like – usually by exasperated teachers who discover that the school has 30 locked away somewhere that are never used or subject coordinators who have been 'given' iPads to raise standards… But little else in the way of support.   Schools areContinue Reading