Are you thinking of leaving teaching?

Feeling exhausted and approaching burn out? Is every current mention of school making you anxious and worried? A sad, but inevitable, consequence of the recent economic, social and cultural climate has meant that there are now more teachers than ever looking to quit teaching, or to move into a different career. And if you are thinking of leaving teaching then this post could help you think of what comes next. 

How can you support yourself?

Boost your Confidence

One of the biggest obstacles for moving away from teaching is our own confidence- especially if you’ve had a tough time in school recently. Teachers can be under the misconception that they have no transferable skills; that teaching really only sets them up for more teaching. That mindset needs to change! Only way to change it is to start thinking about what you have been doing – write a CV, write a covering letter for an imaginary job, start getting used to talking yourself up. There are plenty of guides for writing a CV- you can start here:

Find out what’s out there: 

Leaving teaching will be a big change – and a bit of an emotional rollercoaster. Just giving yourself some time to explore other options might help your decision making process. 

I found it really helpful to just start looking at what is out there; get an idea of what is possible and what could be. I found LinkedIn very usefil as well as just talking to those who had previously moved on from teaching.

Use what you know 

Leaving teaching doesn’t mean that you are leaving education  –  the recent move towards online learning and education has meant that jobs involving tutoring or supporting home learners have grown. Consider that – and take a look at both local and national opportunities. Look at roles within other schools – pastoral, organisation, support services.

Leaving Teaching? Then think of your transferable skills. 

  • Flexibility

The ability to adapt to different working conditions – work with lots of different people and manage changes within any organisation.

  • Resourcefulness – including time management

These needs no explantation – managing budgets, planning ahead and making the most of any time available!

  • Problem solving

From conflict management through to managing crowds

  • Team work and collaborative learning

Encouraging participation from all your team – inlcuding everyone and managing different expectations

  • Presentation and I.T Skills 

Think as well about anything else you use regularly – spreadsheet, social media, websites

  • Multi-Tasking 

You won’t be the first, or last, teacher to consider quitting – and there really is lots of help out there to support your decision – further reading can be found below – or please leave a comment telling us where you went next!

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