A day of Google Apps in a Primary Classroom

A few months in now, and I have been really pleased with how Google Apps fits in with what we are doing in school! This brief look at a typical day might explain:

AM – the day begins with the teacher putting a few links on the classroom stream. I put on a link to a video we are going to use for a computing lesson later, and a survey that the Y6 have been asked to take.

Meanwhile the strategic calendar is updated with the agenda for the staff meeting later that week.

Literacy – spellings are always on the classroom site. The children know this. The apps can also be used to ‘publish’ work – currently we are working on information sheets linked to our topic. Once the draft has been worked on they can choose to publish it in any way they seem fit.

Lunchtime – the digital leaders are planning their assembly. They share their presentation with me and I make some notes on it.

Teacher finds a document that may be useful, and uploads / shares.

Some of the children ask if they can write a playscript, and then do so collaboratively, on three chromebooks.

PM sessions – the Y6 take their link from the classroom stream. Whilst the rest of the class view the video ready for the work they are doing in class.

Hudls are used by some of the younger children to take photographs of the school garden, these are then picked off the drive by another class who are creating guides to it.


Some hints from our experience of using Google Apps:

  • The children log in with their username as soon as they can – it’s important they take control over their password, their space and begin to use the space appropiately.
  • Refresh the ideas and use of apps such as ‘sites’ in staff meetings regularly.
  • Pupil Digital Leaders can be used as ‘experts’ to support pupils and staff.

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