Nurture 2016/2017

Reflection From Last Year

One of the #nurture2017 post – and I thought it would be fitting to use my own site for this as my reflection from last year focuses on how I have stopped writing, stopped using blogs to reflect and share and to ask. Some of this is work – working late or being tired means I stop connecting with fellow educators in order to ‘protect’ my time. Yet it is these interactions which fuel my own interests. How to get back into the habit of that – rather than skimmming what people have written giving things a quick RT or a quick like?

This year I very much want to get back to that – and I want to take more time to read more of what is written online. This I not just about education which is why I have joined in with the #52books2017 on twitter and goodreads. All of my interests are slowly merging into one big ‘online’ experience! I have tried to temper this – I have taken up kickboxing which get me away from work at a decent time and actually learning something new. I already have pretty active weekends, and I regularly take my dog into work which means that I often take him out (with children as well!!) at break times.

Time Management

In terms of managing my own time I am a master of frittering away free time doing several things at once, but not actually doing anything with any real concentration or achievement. Can I focus?

This will be the real challenge I feel! Do I want to set myself goals? Hmmm… I think I will enjoy goodreads – and reading more is something that will benefit. But, I think I’ll leave it at that. Let’s see if I can work on making the most out of the free time I have. A popular theme at the minute – no excuses!!

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