School Life This could be the typical conversation in any primary school up and down the country. This pandemic has affected schools in many different ways. Schools have had to take an almost obsessive approach to assessing risk; to cleaning, visitors. We have amended the curriculum to better suit theContinue Reading

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Prompted by a comment from one of my pupils recently ‘ we never see them anymore really though…’ Primary schools pride themselves on developing pupil leadership; encouraging children to get out of their comfort zone and allowing them to have a say in areas of school life. If your schoolContinue Reading

I’m not going to pretend that I am an expert in this. Having taken the opportunity to reflect on what has been a memorable few months I wanted to evaluate some of the learning that has taken place online within our primary school. I hope that these thoughts will goContinue Reading

Getting back to my roots now with a look at two new bits (and one not so new) of of actually useful edtech that has graced my school this year! Reusable Notebooks – Rocketbook The idea of a reuseable notebook is not new. And there a few on the market.Continue Reading