Does the Technology in Education have to be such a polarising debate? Is it really a case of all tech or no tech? The debate has continued in earnest this week – with Apple’s Tim Cook weighing in with the sound bite ‘Classroom Tech not a Substitute for Teaching‘. ThisContinue Reading

  #weeklyblogchallenge17 I had a conversation with a long serving Head Teacher once where they exclaimed that they ‘never’ had student teachers in their school because ‘why would you have someone teaching your pupils who you haven’t employed’. After much discussion I had convinced, myself at least, that supporting teachersContinue Reading

It’s funny, this is the second week in a row that I had thought about my #weeklyblogchallenge17 only to have it changed at the last minute because of a conversation. This time I’m going to talk about how important it is to collaborate – to work together. Now, I haveContinue Reading

One great thing about the #weeklyblogchallenge17 is that throughout the week I am attempting to read other posts in an effort to reflect on what my post might be about. Now I had something ready to go this weekend – but a couple of events over the last few daysContinue Reading

3rd post in the #WeeklyBlogChallenge17 When worlds collide… Two things happened this week which suprised me. Number one was the earnest decleration from a pupil that President-Elect Donald Trump used to be an American Wrestler and therefore will be an excellent President (feel free to google) and then a comeContinue Reading