I have moderated writing assessments at Key Stage 2 for at least 7 years – I’ve always jumped at the chance because: a) it’s great for your school to be certain b) it makes sense to keep up with the changes and expectations c) I always enjoy the chance toContinue Reading

I thought I would write this post whilst the launch day of the Chartered Teacher scheme was still fresh on my mind. For those who don’t know, the Chartered College of Teaching was launched last year – with  the aim of giving teachers support, development and a voice. This has,obviously,Continue Reading

Is there a divide with educational technology in schools?   Up and down the country the experiences of technology in schools are incredibly different. If you take part in regular twitter chats, or follow sites such as this one, it is easy to imagine that all schools have decent wifi,Continue Reading

Inspired by a tweachcode chat idea I thought I'd review my experience of the primary computing curriculum so far. Of course I'm aware that I am obviously more exposed; having a site like this, on twitter and regularly in contact with other teachers regarding digital technologies. Which is why IContinue Reading

As part of a review of the year it occurred to me that there were plenty of apps, programmes and ideas that shouldn’t get lost over time, but are often overlooked. So I thought a ‘don’t forget series’ might remind teachers of what is out there. Number 3 : E-ReadingContinue Reading