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Using Digital Leaders in school has been one of the easiest decisions I’ve made! Thanks to a really great showcase of blogs and community at the Digital Leader Network site it is really easy to get involved! So what is the idea? Digital leaders are, at the basic idea, pupilContinue Reading

Binary Books

It’s a common question. Is there a place for book apps alongside traditionally printed books? How should teachers make use of this new media? Why should we use interactive books? Always begin with this question, why are you considering buying eBooks? Do you have devices in school already that willContinue Reading

Guided Reading is one way that many schools teach reading skills in Key Stage 2. (Year 3 onwards). Guided reading follows some basic principles; put the children in similar levelled groups to complete reading tasks. The groups follow a timetable, and each day one group is with the teacher, whilstContinue Reading

Are you blogging in the classroom already? Blogs are incredibly easy to set up, and there are plenty around to give you inspiration. You could begin here. The question is, why bother?   There seems to be plenty of examples about pupils who would not write, or were reluctant writers,Continue Reading