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So.. After a year of working with iPads in the classroom what have we learnt? It’s fair to say that they have been a success. The iPads have become indispensable to school life, used by all staff for all kinds of things. Video projects, reading projects, writing projects as wellContinue Reading

I’m currently in the process of developing the curriculum at the schools where I work and have decided to take an easy view next year and let staff experiment with some key activities and software. It’s worth mentioning that I have made some very deliberate decisions: Limit the number ofContinue Reading

Being asked to try apps and ideas in school is always fun, but it’s rare that it works so well in the classroom… Me Books, by developer Made in Me has fitted in beautifully! First of all, as I have discussed on this site, a big focus this year hasContinue Reading

This half term we are giving a trial run to some of the game creation apps that are beginning to hit the market. We designed a 4/5 week plan, looking for opportunities for the children to collaborate, experiment and develop their confidence when coding. I chose a few programs thatContinue Reading

This post is some short guidance for those teacher who have been given iPads to use in the classroom. I created a rough guide to the apps that I find useful, and how I use them, as well as a Haiku which I have tried to embed below… If it’sContinue Reading

  I wanted to find a way that I could really start to connect our pupils with the world around them. Schools in London have a wealth of geographical experience in their classrooms and I thought a great way to harness that would be Skype…  Our skype adventure began withContinue Reading