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The iPad can be used in many ways to develop and promote a wide variety of speaking and listening activites. Although having one in the classroom means the teacher can record conversations and share them – there are some great apps out there which can promote language and encourage listening.Continue Reading

I often get asked about apps for Special Educational Needs – and in schools where I work the iPad has overtaken other options for supporting many pupils’ learning needs. The reasons are many, but the ease of use and the range of apps seems to be key. It quickly becomesContinue Reading

Puppet Pals is the app that seems to inspire the most fun when I show it to teachers, the creativity appears to be endless and it is incredibly easy to pick up! A quick google search will quickly show hundreds of videos that have been created with this incredibly versatileContinue Reading

Explain Everything is the App that still amazes teachers. It’s the app that shows why the tablet computers are so popular in the classroom, and just how much can be done. It’s an app that will has many uses, if you only have the one iPad or a full classContinue Reading

So.. After a year of working with iPads in the classroom what have we learnt? It’s fair to say that they have been a success. The iPads have become indispensable to school life, used by all staff for all kinds of things. Video projects, reading projects, writing projects as wellContinue Reading

I’m currently in the process of developing the curriculum at the schools where I work and have decided to take an easy view next year and let staff experiment with some key activities and software. It’s worth mentioning that I have made some very deliberate decisions: Limit the number ofContinue Reading