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The Apps for Good programme was developed to link industry experts with schools to give pupils the chance to create their own apps – you can find out more here. For by first 'blog' entry I thought i'd investigate how Apps for Good has worked for my primary class. IContinue Reading

The iPad can be used in many ways to develop and promote a wide variety of speaking and listening activites. Although having one in the classroom means the teacher can record conversations and share them – there are some great apps out there which can promote language and encourage listening.Continue Reading

Recent changes to the National Curriculum here in the UK have meant that teachers and school leaders are having to rethink many aspects of their curriculum provision. I have already begun my look at computing and how teachers can bring the new elements into the classroom. E-safety is one aspectContinue Reading

Being asked to try apps and ideas in school is always fun, but it’s rare that it works so well in the classroom… Me Books, by developer Made in Me has fitted in beautifully! First of all, as I have discussed on this site, a big focus this year hasContinue Reading

Teaching of spelling is something that I am always asked about. It seems to make teachers anxious and often schools don’t have a specific policy.Phonics provision lower down the school seems to be very rigorous, with activities and interactivity ‘built in’ –  but then often as they get older childrenContinue Reading

  I wanted to find a way that I could really start to connect our pupils with the world around them. Schools in London have a wealth of geographical experience in their classrooms and I thought a great way to harness that would be Skype…  Our skype adventure began withContinue Reading