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A few steps into how writing is taught in my classroom….   Context I usually teacher upper KS2 – but I have taught all KS1 and KS2 – and adhere to these ideas. At my school the pupils have targets – written marking by the teacher is minimal but feedbackContinue Reading

  This Tweet:  I feel like the only teacher out there who can't stand cluttered classroom walls. BLANK SPACE IS OKAY GUYS. ??? #clearwalls #clearmind — Isobel M (@MissIsobeleh) July 28, 2017 This reminded me of an ongoing conversation that I have with teachers. Not just about tidying classrooms (don’tContinue Reading

Just tell them… Primary schools have a huge part to play in Primary ITT – trainee teachers seem to be in schools much more than ever before and it stands to reason that if we don’t like what is happening then we should stand up and say so. The problemContinue Reading

This half term I was very lucky to borrow three of these fab Cubettos!  The Cubetto is unique, not only because of it’s gorgeous aethestic feel but because it is designed to introduce coding to the youngest members of your school. The instructions are placed, in sequence, in the unitContinue Reading

It’s funny, this is the second week in a row that I had thought about my #weeklyblogchallenge17 only to have it changed at the last minute because of a conversation. This time I’m going to talk about how important it is to collaborate – to work together. Now, I haveContinue Reading