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Context first: this is a mixed age Y5/Y6 class. I tried whole class reading instead of a guided reading carousel last year after a bit of a dip in the KS2 reading last year. And it worked, our children were more confident with the SATS questions, and they talk withContinue Reading

Spoiler: no! Hinds calls for Ed Tech Revolution  in Schools  Education Technology is something of a hobby of mine. Trying new things in the classroom is something I enjoy and, as the head of a small school that is isolated, utilising technology to the best of our ability has definitely savedContinue Reading

It’s that time of year again, July draws to a close and though we plan August, we inevitably start to think about September. We contemplate new positions and, as is only natural, we seek advice from those already in that position. I’ve been fortunate enough to have four years inContinue Reading

I have moderated writing assessments at Key Stage 2 for at least 7 years – I’ve always jumped at the chance because: a) it’s great for your school to be certain b) it makes sense to keep up with the changes and expectations c) I always enjoy the chance toContinue Reading