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Are you blogging in the classroom already? Blogs are incredibly easy to set up, and there are plenty around to give you inspiration. You could begin here. The question is, why bother?   There seems to be plenty of examples about pupils who would not write, or were reluctant writers,Continue Reading

iBooks is a brilliant app for buying, organising and buying books. For teachers this choice can make finding great books a chore, meaning we are sticking to books we already have copies of in the classroom or we are missing some of the advantages of having ebooks. So, are thereContinue Reading

Recently here has been a big improvement in the quality of apps which focus on maths. I am a huge fan of using apps such as Explain Everything – which allow children to provide detailed explanations in their own words – the iPad can also be used to target specificContinue Reading

The Year 6 Sats will include a grammar and punctuation test this year. Whilst the writing tests have always included marks for spelling and grammar this is the first time that a separate paper has been included. Writing, let’s not forget, is still teacher assessed with some LA moderation takingContinue Reading