07 Jul

Using Me Books in the Classroom

Being asked to try apps and ideas in school is always fun, but it’s rare that it works so well in the classroom… Me Books, by developer Made in Me has fitted in beautifully! First of all, as I have discussed on this site, a big focus this year has been on reading, and particularly […]

17 Feb

eBooks in the Classroom

Binary Books

It’s a common question. Is there a place for book apps alongside traditionally printed books? How should teachers make use of this new media? Why should we use interactive books? Always begin with this question, why are you considering buying eBooks? Do you have devices in school already that will make use of them? Have […]

01 Feb

Using iBooks

iBooks is a brilliant app for buying, organising and buying books. For teachers this choice can make finding great books a chore, meaning we are sticking to books we already have copies of in the classroom or we are missing some of the advantages of having ebooks. So, are there are advantages of using iBooks […]